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  • Mark Gotts

A Tesifa Christmas at the Magoroto Forest

I'm a gal that appreciates a zoomed out aerial view, for several reasons. One, I am somewhat directionally challenged and seeing a city or town from above orients me. Two, the sense of expanse offered by such a view does something to the mind. Almost as if to remind me that even in the busy of my everyday mundanities, life is large and I am a small albeit necessary part of it. Three, it allows for endless gazing. Our eyes appreciate it.

Why am I making this any of your business? Because it is one of the things I, personally, look forward to witnessing the Tesifa family experience on Christmas day, especially the children. A child's face holds awe and wonder with such sweet candour and what a gift to offer and receive on such a day! 

The Magoroto Forest Estate is situated on the eastern side of the Usambara Ranges, about one hour, thirty minutes from the Tesifa Home in Kange, Tanga. Between its old trees, the spice farming, trails that end at waterfalls, breathtaking viewpoints and cool temperatures, something of the spirit finds rejuvenation. Oh and that little speech I started with, all of that is about just the drive there!! As one rises higher, a beautiful view of Tanga splays for the eyes' feasting. I dare you to imagine what such a drive must lead to! 

A Christmas day trip to Magoroto, (a place only two of the adults in the Tesifa family have been), would offer the children a day away from their usual sights, sounds and temperatures. Maybe catch the Hartlaub Turaco's call in place of the rooster's, the black and white of the Colobus monkey in place of our home's rabbits and a myriad of animal sounds to replace Chloe's excited barking. We haven't even touched on the tall trees and multiple shades and shapes of green.

To facilitate this Christmas family day trip, we need to raise $560 / £450. This would cater for entry into the Forest Estate, lunch, an activity (hiking/mountain biking/horse riding/spice tour), transport to and from Magoroto and other miscellaneous things like little treats for the children.

We invite you to live vicariously, for a day, through the sensory experience, joy and adventure the Tesifa family could have with your contribution. 

Asante sana (Thank you so much) for being part of the village it takes to raise these beautiful children.


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