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To build a relationship with Jesus, with one another, and to reach the world from house to house, village to village, city to city, nation to nation.


Our mission includes reaching adults, youth and children for Christ through home church planting, proclaiming the gospel and building unity in the body of Christ. As a spiritual army, we will cooperate with the church that Jesus is building throughout the world in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Dove Tanzania is a network of churches, meeting in homes throughout the week, with the ingredients of evangelism, worship, teaching and prayer. It is our desire to see God's Kingdom grow, for all to be brought into maturity and for new leaders to be trained and released. We believe God is a God of multiplication and so it's our desire for the groups to grow and for new groups to be birthed. These groups then meet together on a Sunday where we get the chance to enjoy being the Body of Christ.

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